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D.W. Kirkeby

Point of View Reviews is a feature of ClassBrain’s Movies in the Classroom. You’ll find reviews on films by a variety of our reviewers, each with their own views and opinions. Our primary reviewers are Cynthia Kirkeby, founder and editor of ClassBrain.com and D.W. Kirkeby, an independent filmmaker and University student. He is extremely knowledgeable on film, and he will give you a good look at what is currently in the theaters or of interest on DVD.

We hope that you will check back frequently to learn about films that are in the theaters and on DVD. We’ll tell you about hidden gems you shouldn’t miss, and which films may not be worth your money.

We also hope that you will add your comments to our site. Please keep in mind, however, that this is a family site, and we reserve the right to remove any offensive or inappropriate comments. We look forward to seeing you frequently, and seeing your comments.

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