Burlesque – Sexy, Sweet-Toned Fun

Cher and Stanley Tucci have teamed up with Christina Aguilera and Cam Gigandet to bring a fun new musical to the screen called Burlesque. Cher is Tess, the tough club owner; and Stanley Tucci is amazing as always as the Cher’s gay friend, and second-hand man. The other couple in the movie is Christina Aquilera playing Ali, a small town with a huge voice, and Cam Gigandet, who is the bartender that believes in Ali.

This is a fun, sexy romp at the theater. Burlesque has a tight little story with fun characters that you care about by the film is over, unlike the recently released Skyline. You can feel the hunger in Ali, as she leaves a small town and heads to the big city to do what she loves, and you just can’t argue with Aguilera’s vocal performance. What a voice!

The musical numbers in Burlesque are actually the weak point and the strong point of the film. The vocals are amazing, but the music isn’t used to move the film forward at all. Unlike the great musicals like Cabaret, Chorus Line, All the Jazz, and Chicago, Burlesque‘s musical numbers are not a part of the story, they are just musical numbers like you’d see at a club. It is an unfortunate waste of an opportunity to do much more with the storyline, and I think it really makes the difference between this being a fun, little film and it being an amazing musical.

The performances in Burlesque are pretty solid. Cher starts off a bit tighter than I would have liked to see, and I think she may have overdone the Botox a bit, since her face seems oddly stiff, but as the film movies forward she loosens up a bit.

Stanley Tucci has that mischievous glint in his eye that he gets when he is enjoying himself. He never misses a moment to captivate us on the screen of Burlesque, sometimes overshadowing everyone else on the screen with him.

[ad name=”Google Adsense-bottom”]Christina’s voice is amazing, and the songs in this film seem to be beautifully crafted to make the most of her range. I love the scenes in the film where she is memorizing the steps for the various routines as she walks to work. You can just imagine seeing this eager young girl walking along the streets of New York, working out her steps.

Another weakness in Burlesque is the lack of diversity in the music. Everything is pretty much sung by Christina or Cher. A couple of the other numbers are lip-synced by the other girls at the beginning, but the show wasn’t designed to showcase more than that. That difference keeps it from becoming one of the greats. Another strong singer or two, would have complemented Christina’s performances, not overshadowed them.

All in all, Burlesque is a “Fun! Go see it!” recommendation from me. I don’t know how you go wrong with a good little story, great music, and a cute, sexy cast, but I was left wishing they had pushed this one to the next level and not missed the potential for another great musical. Perhaps someone will rework Burlesque and take it to Broadway.

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