It took me a couple of minutes to place the tale, as Epic began. It has been quite a few years since my children were young enough to have me read the tale to them, however, as I heard the tiny soldiers refer to themselves as Leafmen, my memory of evenings with the William Joyce book suddenly snapped back into my brain. The Leafmen (and the Brave Good Bugs)! Of course!

MK of Epic by Blue Sky

MK of Epic by Blue Sky

The story is somewhat different than that wonderful children’s book, hence the new title: Epic. The story was in wonderful hands, however, since William Joyce not only co-authored the script, but was also the Executive Producer of the film.

MK is a teen back from school, visiting her absent-minded, science obsessed, and possibly delusional father. Kudos to Blue Sky, by the way, for the female protagonist that doesn’t suck. MK soon finds herself in the middle of a battle between the good Leafmen, who protect the life force of the forest, and evil Boggens, who cause all the decay. MK, voiced by Amanda Seyfried, plays an integral part in the survival of the forest when the Forest Queen dies before the ceremony for the new Queen comes to pass.

The Queen’s protector, Ronin, voiced by Colin Farrell is the ultimate chivalrous soldier and Nod, voiced by Josh Hutcherson, is his brash young student, who isn’t learning nearly quick enough to stay out of trouble. Luckily for MK, Nod starts getting his act together when she needs him most.

Epic reminds me of a miniature Avatar in some ways. Many of the themes of the interconnected forest are similar. Instead of the dragon style riders of Avatar, Epic has the Leafmen riding hummingbirds, which are almost as wild a ride, especially in 3D, which is how I saw Epic.

The characters of Epic

The characters of Epic

Of additional note are the characters of the slug and the snail who protect the forest pod. Mub (Aziz Ansari from “Parks & Recreation”) the slug and Grub the snail (Chris O’Dowd from The Sapphires) are delightful sidekicks that keep us smiling with their own quirky levity throughout the film.

Epic is a wonderful summer film for kids and parents alike. If you go to a matinee or discount day at the theater, I think it’s definitely worth seeing it in 3D. Otherwise, it can get pretty pricey trying to take an entire family to a 3D film. However, I guarantee that you won’t be bored as an adult in this film, and the kids are going to love it! I saw it with the Young, Fun, and Nerdy Meetup group in Orange County, and everyone loved the film.

After the film, why not stop at your local bookstore and pick up a copy of William Joyce’s Leafmen. It may become one of your family’s favorite summer books. Or, you might decide to try one of his other tales, such as Dinosaur Bob, another wonderful tale. Joyce’s characters are a lot of fun for kids of all ages, from 2 to 92!

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