Christopher Nolan does an amazing job taking us on a final ditch attempt to save humanity with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar.  

What would you do if a strange message lead you to a hidden NASA installation that you thought was no longer in operation, and you were asked to help save humanity by leaving everything you hold dear.  That’s the dilemna that Matthew McConaughey faces in Interstellar.  He decides that to save his family he has to leave them.

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

I found Interstellar to be an absolutely fascinating film.  The science in it was remarkable.  Interstellar made me think a lot of Contact  by Carl Sagan, it had a very similar temperment about the storyline.

Interstellar poster

Interstellar poster

The part that didn’t really work for me was the anger the daughter has for her dad.  I think that the need to connect would have overidden the anger at him leaving, especially since she ends up working at NASA trying to solve the same problem as her father.  I think the story would have benefitted more if the relationship had shown more of the bond between them instead of the schism between them. It also would have made the daughter’s solving of the puzzle more believable.

Michael Caine plays the brilliant Professor Brand, who puts into effect the Plan A/Plan B scenarios to save humanity.  Plan A is to save humanity by relocating a large portion of the remaining population to a space station and/or a new planet; while Plan B is to re-establish humanity on a new planet with the embryos that have been stored and transported into space.

There are some very complicated concepts portrayed in Interstellar; some explained better than others.  The representation of the black hole, as well as the construct in the interior of the Tesseract – the gravitational singularity that is maintaining the wormhole, are visually stunning. I’m sure there will be plenty of debates

Other than that, the film was great.  The exploration of the three candidate planets, the portrayal of the problems of the isolation of the sole explorers, and the unusual return to earth are all very cool.  Insterstellar is another thinking man’s film, but the best way to understand, is to see the film Interstellar.

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