Into the Storm

Okay, I’ll confess, I’m a geek with a bit of a pechant for crazy films where the world is in danger of destruction from some wicked natural force.  Into the Storm is not a great film, but it’s still a lot of fun.

In 1996, the film that had all of our attention, was Twister with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt.  The film was dorky and luckily did not take itself too seriously.  It had a good dose of comic relief, and a memorable moment when a cow goes flying by, which stamped Twister permanently into our memories. becoming somewhat of a cult classic through the years. Into the Storm is basically the Twister of 2014.

The writers used a video time capsule project in the film as a device to allow a shift between standard omnitient film perpsective and an up close and personal individual perspective, and it was incredibly smart.  In other parts of Into The Storm, you get the personal perspecive from storm chasers or from kids with their cell phones.  Each shift in film perspective gives us a different experience of the storm and for the most part brings us into the story much more than if this technique hadn’t been used.

Into the Storm

Into the Storm

I must admit that I wish the producers had spent a little more money on their cast instead of on the special effects, which were awesome by the way.  Literally awe-some.  However, some of the performances weren’t.

This was apparently only Steven Quale’s second mainstream director’s gig, with Final Destination 5 coming before it.  There are parts of the film that come across as really rough, and I have to assume that those were shot at the beginning of the project. Unfortunately they made some stupid mistakes that were esepcially annoying.  The worst of the errors what related to lost of cell service.  They show Sarah Wayne Callies,who is supposed to be a brilliant meteorologist trying frantically to get a cell signal on her phone, while she is sitting in front of an entire bank of computer screens hooked to the Internet. All she obviously would have needed to do, was send a message via the Internet to her family. It was a glaring and very annoying inconsistency, and red flag that showed that they hadn’t bothered to get a technology advisor on the project. Additionally, Allison, the character played by Callies in Into The Storm, has no idea what she’s looking at on the doppler screens, the film team really needed an expert consultant.


Into the Storm poster

Into the Storm poster

Richard Armitage plays a distracted and self-absorbed widowed dad, who is losing his connection with his sons. Obviously this changes during the weather crisis, but there are a couple of times where his verbal abuse of his son is definitely cringe worthy, and it comes as a well deserved payback when his sons parrot his own words back at him.

Putting all of the quirks aside, Into the Storm is as close as any of us are going to want to get to a major tornado storm system.  It’s amazing to watch the formation of the storm systems right in front of you, and see the destruction they can bring.

The comic relief in Into The Storm was pretty funny, and incredibly dorky.  There are 2 characters who look like rejects from the “Jackas”s series.  They’re constantly running around being idiots trying to become famous on YouTube.  Some of the moments in the film, you just have to suspend your disbelief and have fun. Fortunately, it’s easier to do in some spots of the film than in others.

Overall, parts of Into the Storm are quite impressive.  If you want to get a better idea of the power of a tornado, and our weather system which is tending to swing to more extreme cycles, Into the Storm will give you a good basic view of things.  Hopefully, if they make a sequel of some sort, they’ll spend a little more on their acting talent and a couple of technical advisors (including one for CPR). In the meantime, if you love to see weather extremes in the movies, this will definitely be your cup of tea.



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