Knocked Up

Knocked up

Knocked up

Much has been said about this summer’s string of threequels and After all how could it be avoided? Shrek, Spiderman and Danny Ocean of Oceans 13, have returned to our theaters. Chances are the rich studios and going to get richer and after coming out of the multiplex, whether stratified or not, you will wonder where originality has disappeared to in Hollywood. If, after the massive failure of Grindhouse, we are reminded of anything, it is that uniqueness alone is not always rewarded, nor should it be.

Recently, however, Judd Apatow has struck a victory for the average man as his little summer comedy, Knocked Up, has transcended its R rating to earn about the same as the juggernaut of all threequels, Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End did in it’s second week. According to, Pirates of the Caribbean’s latest installment cost a whopping $300 million versus Apatow’s Knocked Up, which cost a mere 30 million. Quite a difference in the bottom line!

[ad name=”Google Adsense-bottom”]Although Knocked Up is at times crass and definitely not for a young audience, it is also uproariously funny. Apatow shows his marvelous ability to handle sparkling dialogue and popular culture to not only tickle our funny bones, but at times to thump them pretty hard leaving them vibrating with poignant laughter. Although the theme of unexpected, and potentially unwanted pregnancy is nothing new, Apatow puts a unique and hilarious face on the well-worn conversations and quarrels.

Thankfully some of the studios are still taking a chance on a uniquely voiced comedy script, like Knocked Up, which is neither a third installation of an established blockbuster film, nor a remake of a film from the 20s, or worse from the 80s. Judging by the public’s reaction, we’ve all be looking for gems like this to make it into our neighborhood theater.

Rated R for some sexual content, drug use, and profanity.

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