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It appears that teaming up Wes Andersen with a member of the Coppola family was a marvelous idea. The screenplay for Moonrise Kingdom was written by Roman Coppola and Wes Andersen, and directed by Wes Andersen. For me, this film has taken Wes’ work to an entirely different level. I’ve really enjoyed his work through the years, although I’ve thought some of his work was more successful than others. I was not a particular fan of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but I felt it suffered for want of a more aggressive editing than it received in Post. In contrast, Moonrise Kingdom is impeccably edited and I wouldn’t change a thing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Wes Andersen’s comedies have always had their own quirky voice and pacing and Moonrise Kingdom is no exception, but this film has something different. In Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Andersen connects with his audience in a way that he hasn’t in the past. I think the collaboration with Roman Coppola has added a richness to the film’s vision that it was lacking before, but that can be the incredible strength of collaboration: a synergy that didn’t exist for either person on their own.

Moonrise Kingdom publicity still

Wes Andersen’s Moonrise Kingdom publicity still

I adored the quirky characters in Moonrise Kingdom, the sweet awkward love story of the pre-teens was so perfectly handled, I can’t imagine a better scene than the one on the beach. After spending a night on the beach in a little pup tent, the young people awake to a search team descending on them. Jared Gilman zips up the tent and then he and Kara Hayward huddle inside clutching each other in their minds protected by the simple little tent. Focused on the young couple inside the tent, suddenly they are exposed to the cruel world as her father, played by Bill Murray, lifts the tent whole, above their heads and takes his daughter away.

Moonrise Kingdom has humor, sweet touching moments of youth and innocence; others of adult worry and disillusion, and others yet of determination and heroism. What more could you want in a film? Apparently not much, since it’s one of those rare films that audiences have rated amazingly high. Moonrise Kingdom‘s Rotten Tomato score went into the high 90s and stayed there, so I’m apparently not the only fan of this collaboration of talent.

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom’s cast of characters

Some of the notable performances in Moonrise Kingdom come from Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp, the local sheriff, Edward Norton as the Scoutmaster, Frances McDormand as the mom, and Jason Schwartzman as Cousin Ben, as well as Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward who brilliantly play the young couple. If you are familiar with Wes Andersen’s past films, you will, of course, recognize a good deal of the cast, although in Moonrise Kingdom a little extra magic takes place among them.



If you didn’t see Moonrise Kingdom while it was in the theaters, make sure that you see it at home. Rent it on Red Box, watch it on cable, or pick it up when it hits iTunes. (Although watch it on a reasonably good sized screen. You don’t want to watch this one on your phone. You’ll miss some of the subtle moments.) This is a great date night film for parents, and probably a pretty great film to watch with your pre-teen kids as you have a discussion about life, friendships, and the birds and the bees. With all of that aside, Moonrise Kingdom is just one of those great little films that you want to see down with on a chilly evening with someone you like and enjoy the adventure.

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