Chef: Independent Film and Great Startup Film Independent films seem to be delivering the best storylines and most complete character development in film these days, and Chef by  Jon Favreau continues the tradition. The brainchild of Jon Favreau, Jon wrote, directed, and starred in the primary role of Chef Carl Casper. In addition to Carl Casper we are treated to great performances by John Leguizamo as his best friend and sou chef, Martin, and Emjay Anthony, who plays Favreau’s son turn in equally impressive performances for a delighted audience. Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, and Emjay Anthony in Chef The story of a promising young chef, who is no longer young, and who is turning stagnant in Dustin Hoffman’s pleasant but predictable restaurant, Jon Favreau has been pushing away his son as well as his creativity. However, things are about to change. His ex-wife urges him to get a food truck from a friend of hers, a cameo performance by Robert Downey Jr., and after a public meltdown made even more public by social media, Carl finally takes the leap. His best friend Martin leaps right along with him, as they go back to the Cuban roots of the area. Chef: Do What you Love – Startup Film The movie turns into the untimate start up film, as Chef Casper tests his Cuban fare in his food truck, El Hefe, with groups in Florida, and then winds his way across the U.S. his son and Martin by his side. Carl learns how important social media marketing is from his tech savvy son, and his son learns how important doing the right thing for the customer is from his...

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