In 1979, Ridley Scott, scared the pants off his audience with Alien, the film was full of suspense and delicious anticipation, and we all lined up in the streets to wait for our turn at being terrified. The tagline said it all, “In space, no one can hear you scream.”The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Now, more than thirty years after Alien, Ridley Scott takes us on another scary journey to meet our makers, the Architects of the human race in Prometheus. Would you be excited to meet your maker? What if they aren’t excited to meet you? What if we were just a science experiment gone wrong? And what is that odd blimp that just showed up in the other cave? Once again we feel the need to test out the theory that no one can hear us scream, although here in the theater on Earth, we actually do hear each other scream.

Noomi Rapace in Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Noomi Rapace in RIdley Scott’s <i>Prometheus</i>, an <i>Alien</i> Prequel.

Although some fans will miss Sigourney Weaver in this prequel to the original Alien film, Noomi Rapace, from the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is a wonderful successor as Elizabeth Shaw. This actress is tough as nails, and makes you understand how she could survive almost anything that comes her way in Prometheus. Noomi Rapace is definitely an actress to watch in coming years, she brings a remarkable intensity to the screen.

Charlize Theron plays a dispassionate captain who is almost robotic in her mannerisms. However, her cold demeanor makes her somewhat forgettable in this suspense driven film. It’s when concern breaks through her tough exterior that her character becomes more interesting.Prometheus

Prometheus tells us the back story leading into the original Alien saga, and it also leads us onto another tangent towards a home world. I don’t think there will be a homecoming there, however, when man arrives.

Although Ridley Scott has focused a lot of his efforts into producing in recent years. I’m very glad that he hasn’t given up directing along the way. Through the years Ridley has brought his unique vision to some amazing projects, like Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, White Squall, Gladiator, and of course, Alien. Where will Ridley Scott take us next? I don’t know, but I’m definitely along for the ride.

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