Pixar is becoming more and more adventurous in the stories they choose to tell, and how they choose to tell them. Up is Pixar’s tenth film and one of the most romantic animated movies ever made, despite the fact that the main character, Carl, loses his love interest at the beginning of the film.

Pixar's UP!

Pixar’s UP!

The opening of Up is so touching and emotional, that Irecommend that you seriously consider skipping the film if you are even five minutes late. In just a few opening moments, we see the span of Carl Fredricksen’s lifelong romance with his wife. Any other film would have painted this segment with broad strokes; however, in Up Pixar focuses on the intimate details that help define Carl’s relationship with his wife, Ellie.

Carl is an elderly man who has lost his wife, and now sets off to fulfill the promise he made to her years ago when they were young newlyweds. To do this he launches his home into the sky with the help of thousands of balloons as he travels to a very special location in South America. Along the way there are surprising adventures explored and new friendships formed.

Pixar’s glossy animation gives the Carl mainstream appeal. Fredricksen is not just a grumpy old man, but instead someone in search of love lost. Through relationships with a young Wilderness Explorer named Russell and a Dug, a talking dog, Fredricksen gets closer to discovering what is in store for him in the twilight of his life.

[ad name=”Google Adsense-bottom”]Up is director Pete Docter’s second feature film; his first feature was also a Pixar film, Monsters, Inc. It’s hard to say which film is a better movie. It is clear that Up is a different direction for Docter and that it contains a feeling of innovation not present in Monsters, Inc. Pixar no longer seems content with genre storytelling. They have headed off in new directions, establishing new storytelling techniques.

Pixar films are not just simple animated movies. They transcend their genre, and should be discussed in the company of other exceptional cinematic accomplishments. At this point Pixar Animation Studios has a better track record than any other motion picture studio making films today.

Up is a particularly reflective film. In a day when most blockbusters rely on explosions and other heavy effects, Up stands out. The best moments in the film are frequently quiet and personal. Carl Fredricksen is an “every man.” He has fulfilled his dreams, even though he initially doesn’t realize it, and he must come to recognize this truth during the course of the story.

Even though the film has an obvious villain, Charles Muntz played by Christopher Plummer, the biggest obstacle Fredricksen has to face is himself. When Carl heads south, in his flying house, with his young stowaway, Russell, both characters have suffered the loss of an important relationship in their lives. Fredricksen has recently lost his wife, and Russell’s father has become distant and virtually absent. Although Fredricksen is solitary and fixated on his goal, he finds himself bonding with Russell despite himself. Both characters fill a gap in each other’s lives.

I was very moved by Up. It’s a perfect film for all ages. While younger children may not grasp all of the film’s subtle story points, it’s not necessary for them to do so. Up works on multiple levels, for young and old alike. Pixar has created a rich and varied film that is an emotional journey worth taking.

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